salon policies

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed all of our lives in ways that no one had anticipated. As we reopen from the statewide closure, we want to assure all of you that the health and safety of our clients and our employees is of paramount importance.
We have implemented many new safety precautions, sanitation measures, and changed many of our policies to facilitate our reopening. Below is an overview of what you can expect on your next visit to salon voi-lá. We know that it is a lot to process, but we thank you in advance for your understanding and support during these difficult times.

Things to know before your visit to salon voi-lá

  • All clients and staff required to wear a face mask (we recommend the type with ear loops) while at the salon, so please plan accordingly.
  • Please come to your appointment alone as no extra guests or children are allowed in the salon for the time being. They are free to wait outside in your car, or on the nearby benches located on Merchant Street if that is your preference.
  • Please limit the number of personal items you bring with you into the salon. Your phone and method of payment would be ideal.

Upon your arrival at salon voi-lá

  • Please arrive on time for your appointment, and allow an additional 5-10 minutes for the check-in process. Due to tight scheduling requirements, late arrival may require changing your service or rescheduling your appointment.
  • When you arrive, please call (856-546-3200) from your car to let us know that you are here. Someone will tell you when they are ready for you to enter the salon. (Please put on your face mask at this time.)
  • Before entry, you will be given hand sanitizer to use, have your temperature taken using a no-touch digital thermometer, and you will also be asked to sign a liability waiver that includes a recent health history prior to beginning your service.
    If you wish to read, print, and sign the waiver in advance, please download it by clicking here. The document will open in a new tab/window. 
  • Our reception area and beverage bar are currently closed to minimize traffic within the salon.
  • Social distancing of 6 feet in the salon is required, except between you and your stylist during your service.

During your appointment at salon voi-lá

  • All employees will be required to wear a face mask and wash/sanitize their hands before beginning your appointment.
  • All employees are following strict sanitation and disinfecting procedures all day long. These procedures include but are not limited to frequent hand washing, disinfecting chairs, styling stations, and tools, disinfecting door handles and knobs, restroom, and all high touch areas.
  • Capes and smocks are one-time use only, per client.
  • Your stylist may ask you to loosen the straps of your face mask and hold the mask over your nose and mouth at certain times during your service.  For example, trimming around the ears.
  • While we LOVE you all, please try to keep conversation to a minimum.
  • Hugging and handshaking and anything other than the required contact to provide your service should be avoided at this time.
  • Retail products are still available for purchase. Please let your stylist know what products you want, and they will bag them up for you before you leave.
  • Before you go, make sure that we have your updated information to facilitate contact tracing.